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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

There’s only one thing worse than having to make an insurance claim for some misfortune that may have occurred on holiday – and that’s not being able to make a claim because you’re not properly insured.

At Chapters Experience Holidays we understand this. Travel insurance can help should you become unwell, either before or during your holiday. It can help to protect you financially and it can help to ensure the quality of overseas medical care is of a standard you would expect. It can also cover emergency repatriation, should it be deemed necessary.

When embarking on an activity holiday such as with Chapters Experience Holidays, it is even more important that your insurance cover level is right. Many insurers have particular exclusions within their policies, which is why we offer a policy that covers a wide range of activities.

You must be adequately insured to join our holidays. You won't be able to participate in our local programmes without it. Insurance is optional for UK citizens holidaying in the UK except for holidays to the Channel Islands.  Please note that it is very difficult to obtain travel insurance cover once your holiday arrangements have commenced.

You can view a PDF of the RWH Travel Ltd. Insurance Policy or read the document on screen below 

Insurance Premiums per person

Please note: Price is per person based on age at date of paying premium. These policies is only available to UK residents. (Includes 20% Insurance Premium Tax - prices valid until 30th September 2017)

United Kingdom


Up to age 59

Age 60 to 69

Age 70 & over

0-9 days




10-17 days






Up to age 59

Age 60 to 69

Age 70 & over

5-9 days




10-17 days




Extra week




*Europe cover includes countries which border the Mediterranean Sea.


Up to age 59

Age 60 to 69

Age 70 & over

0-17 days £74 £119  £179
18-24 days £84 £139  £199
25-31 days £94 £169  £244
32-39 days £114 £199 £264

Extra week




Winter Sports & Activities 


Up to age 59

Age 60 to 69

Age 70  & over

0-9 days




10-16 days





Why choose the Chapters Experience Holidays policy? 

We take the issue of travel insurance so seriously that we have arranged a policy through Ageas Insurance Ltd, designed to help protect you and your holiday with three main objectives. 

Completeness – Activities provided by Chapters Experience Holidays are covered by this policy – policies from other insurers may not automatically include all elements of a tour. Chapters Experience Holidays insurance policy may provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions. Again, other travel insurance policies may exclude all existing medical conditions. Simply call Ageas Health Line on 0345 168 5682 and quote scheme code RWH1 and they will be pleased to help if you have any medical queries regarding complying with the health requirements of the policy, but please read the Medical Declaration first. 

Quality of cover – The Ageas policy is provided by fully authorised FCA suppliers, so you can be sure of the services offered in the event of a claim. Cover includes 24 hour medical emergency services provided by Assistance International – a supplier in this field with experience in providing medical advice, rescue and repatriation from across the world. 

Extra value – At Chapters Experience Holidays, we understand walking and activity holidays, so this travel policy even provides a benefit should you become unable to walk whilst on holiday.

Who regulates us? 

RWH Travel Limited trading as Chapters Experience Holidays is an Appointed Representative of ITC Compliance Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (their registration number is 313486) and which is permitted to advise on and arrange general insurance contracts. You can check this on the FCA’s Register by visiting the FCA’s website or by contacting the FCA on 0800 111 6768. 

View our FCA Status Disclosure Information regarding the sale of Travel Insurance by RWH Travel Ltd.

Summary of important features

The insurers would like to draw your attention to the important features of the policy: 

Policy document – a copy of the policy will be sent with your booking confirmation. This document contains full details of what is and what is not covered and the conditions of the cover. You should read this carefully. 

Conditions, exclusions and warranties – there are conditions and exclusions which apply to individual sections while general exclusions, conditions and warranties will apply to the whole of the policy. 

Health – the policy contains restrictions regarding pre-existing medical problems concerning the health of the people travelling and of other people upon whose health the holiday may depend – even if they are not travelling. 

Property Claims – these claims are based on the value of goods at the time you lose them and not on a new-for-old or replacement cost basis. 

Policy Limits – most sections of the policy have limits on the amount that will be paid under that section. Some sections also include other specific limits, for example, for any one item or valuables in total. You are advised to check the policy if you intend to take expensive items with you. 

Policy Excesses – under most sections of the policy, claims will be subject to an excess. This means the first part of the claim will not be paid. 

Reasonable Care – you will need to take all reasonable care to protect yourself and your property, as you would if you were not insured.

Complaints – the insurance policy contains a complaints procedure which tells you what steps you can take if you wish to make a complaint. The policy is governed by English Law unless you and the insurers have agreed otherwise. 

'Cooling Off' Period – the policy contains a 14-day cooling off period during which you can return the policy and obtain a refund. Please check policy wording for full details! 

We regret that this insurance policy is not available for non-UK residents. 

What if I already have a travel policy? 

If you do not intend to take advantage of the Ageas policy we offer, it is a condition of booking that you give us details of the alternative cover you have arranged. Ideally this should be by the time you pay the balance of your holiday. We suggest that you check that your policy includes cover for search, rescue and recovery – on our holidays you may be walking where emergency service vehicles may have access difficulties.

Some of the DOs and DON’Ts of travel insurance 

  • Do make sure you take out your insurance before you travel. It can be very difficult to arrange once your holiday has started. Normally, insurers will not grant cover once a journey has commenced, leaving you exposed to a significant financial risk and a delay in the assistance you may urgently need. 
  • Do ensure that you take all documentation for your travel policy with you on holiday, especially the emergency assistance telephone number. You won’t be able to participate in our activities without producing your policy to our holiday leader.  
  • Do make sure that you have disclosed any pre-existing medical conditions to your insurer when you take out the policy (including yourself and your dependent family).
  • Do be aware that a ‘low cost’ policy may not provide a level of cover you require; sometimes ‘low cost’ can mean a lower level of cover. Some insurers exclude ‘walking activities’, walking with a guide of any description, and may not provide an adequate altitude limit for your selected holiday.
  • Always carry your EHIC within Europe and check that it is current, although it is no substitute for effective travel insurance, many insurers require that you use your EHIC where appropriate.
  • Don’t think that buying travel insurance is an unnecessary extra expense on top of your holiday cost. In many situations it can at least help you get the assistance and support you need and in extreme circumstances it could help to save your life.
  • Don’t automatically rely on your bank or credit card cover without checking it thoroughly first – this may only provide cover for accidents and may exclude important features such as medical or cancellation cover, mountain rescue and repatriation. Don’t forget that for UK holidays the NHS will not cover air or sea travel or other repatriation expenses.

Our cover at a glance 

 Up to

 Cancellation & curtailment*

 £ 5,000

 Medical & Repatriation expenses

 £ 5,000,000

 Personal liability

 £ 2,000,000

 Personal accident

 £ 10,000

 Legal expenses

 £ 25,000

 Loss of money & documents

 £ 500

 Travel delay

 £ 300

 Delayed baggage

 £ 150

 Inability to walk

 £ 500

 Personal belongings

 £ 1,500

 Missed departure

 £ 300 (Europe) or

£ 800 (Worldwide)

Excesses for each insured person: Holidays Loss of Deposit claims exclude the first £15. Some sections exclude the first £50 (£250 for personal liability) of each and every loss of each Insured Person.

An annual policy 

Many regular travellers now find an Annual Travel Insurance Policy a more economic way of covering themselves. We can offer one valid for a year (excluding business travel), to UK residents only, for £105 (including IPT). This includes cover for all activities on Chapters Experience Holidays’ winter sports & activity holidays. Maximum age 64 years. Please ask for details. 
For enquiries about the terms of your policy please contact our Accounts team on 01707 320226 or email

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