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Document Checklist

Travel Document Checklist

Here’s a handy checklist of information you may wish to take with you when you travel and on holiday:

  • Your passport (make sure it’s valid and it’s yours!)  
  • If visiting or transiting the US, please ensure that you are aware of the current entry requirements (they’re reviewed and changed frequently and often without warning!) - don’t forget to ensure that you have a valid ESTA before travelling to the airport
  • Your travel tickets (or e-ticket itinerary)
  • Any visa or tourist card (if required)
  • Your holiday money (currency, credit & debit cards - including a separate list of credit card numbers)
  • Telephone numbers to call if you need to cancel lost or stolen credit or debit cards
  • Your confirmation of booking, and any other correspondence confirming prepaid or prearranged travel arrangements  
  • Car parking ticket (if pre-booked) and directions to the car park 
  • Coach or rail tickets (if travelling to your point of departure by prebooked public transport)  
  • Your insurance details: Insurance company name, policy number, date of issue and telephone number as well as the name and 24-hour phone number of the Emergency Assistance Company provided by your insurer (details will be on your policy paperwork)
  • A valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if travelling to a participating country
  • An alternative form of identification (such as a driving licence) and a photocopy of the pages of your passport containing your personal details and photograph (this will assist you in obtaining replacement documents in case of passport loss)
  • The name, surgery address and telephone number of your GP (for use by an overseas doctor or your insurance company in an emergency)
  • Details of a relative or close friend who should be notified in case of emergency
  • Details of any medical conditions or allergies that your tour leader should know about

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