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Clothing & Equipment Advice

Clothing & Equipment Advice

Our Chapters Experience Holidays cover hugely diverse elements of leisure activities from watercolour painting to Nordic Walking to high adventures in the wilder corners of the world. By the nature of the experiences offered it is difficult to suggest anything but the broadest advice about footwear best suited to the activity. On some, common sense will be the guide. For sightseeing in Venice comfort should be main consideration, trekking in Nepal will require something sturdier.

The following general guidance may be useful but if in doubt please contact us directly.

Boots, Shoes or Sandals?
With such a range of holidays, it’s important for you to give consideration to the right choice of footwear.

Leisurely Activity Level
For our holidays at this level, within reason, you should wear whatever is comfortable for a day out on your feet. Have a look through the holiday description to see if something specific might be required. Maybe waterproof shoes or wellies will be appropriate, maybe boat shoes for our yachting experience.

Energetic Activity Level
Good quality waterproof walking shoes or trail shoes with a thick, moulded sole, a good tread and a low heel are likely to be all that is required for these holidays.

Challenging Activity Level
At least lightweight waterproof walking boots with a good moulded sole (such as Vibram or similar) and a deep tread and which provide ankle support are strongly recommended and may be essential for some holidays. 

You might like to consider the following advice when choosing footwear for your holiday.

Is your footwear comfortable? Whether you are walking around a museum or scrambling to the top of a mountain what you have on your feet needs to feel good and reassuringly sturdy.

Is your footwear waterproof? If you are going to be outside and there’s a chance of rain, knowing you will always have dry feet is very reassuring.

What will happen if you are on steep and loose ground? Clearly you need something with a good firm sole and a good tread. If your ankles are not particularly strong, even on our easier holidays, you would also be well advised to have good ankle support.

What happens if a rock falls on your foot? Painful… unless you have a firm upper on your boot and a strong toe-cap.

Take a look at our Holiday Information documents for further information. Above all if you are not sure then please contact us. We would be delighted to discuss options with you.



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